• About Rolleston

    About Rolleston


    Rolleston is a long-established family business now run by James Rolleston. With decades of experience in dealing in antique furniture and works of art, the gallery is one of the world’s leading dealers. The firm specialises in fine and important pieces from the late seventeenth, eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, and has been based at the gallery in Kensington, London for over 50 years.


    We love what we do and are passionate about the pieces we offer. We are dedicated to offering antique furniture and works of art that are authentic and of exceptional original design, whilst also being highly functional in today's world. Pieces that meet these criteria are rare, and becoming more so. They are sought after and hard to find. 

  • Establishing A Relationship

    Establishing A Relationship


    There are a number of  reasons why our clients choose to establish a relationship with Rolleston. Our firm is well-established and dynamic, with a wealth of experience, knowledge and contacts to draw on. We know the difference between a fair or good example and an exceptional piece. We view thousands of pieces every year and always have our clients' requirements in mind.

    Our clients value our knowledge, experience and taste, and appreciate that we examine the pieces we handle thoroughly. We have high standards and pay close attention to every detail.


    ​We conduct out business with transparency, clarity and discretion and look forward to establishing a long-standing professional relationship with you. 


  • Strong Beliefs

    Strong Beliefs


    Bound by our principles, founding philosophy and high level of expertise, clients buy from us with complete confidence and an assurance they will receive a dedicated and highly personal service.


    We believe in the importance of combining world class iconic design with functionality. These enduring, classic designs are in great taste, and create superb original interiors for today.


    The items we have sold have been placed in a huge variety of settings, from traditional town and country houses in England and the United States to contemporary spaces in California and the Far East.


    Rolleston can list a number of the world’s finest museums as clients, while also helping to form some iconic private collections of antique furniture and works of art both here and abroad.