• The Gallery

    The Gallery

    Rolleston is an established and experienced family business. Our speciality is in 18th Century English furniture and Works of Art. We have been based at our gallery in London for over 50 years.


    We are a Third generation family business and one of the worlds leading English Antique Furniture and Works of Art Galleries. We work hard to ensure that our clients receive the best possible service when purchasing our antique furniture or works of art.


    Our private clients are varied and from around the world, and we have sold items to many of the world’s leading Museums and Institutions.


    We exhibit at the The Winter Show in New York in January, and Masterpiece London in late June.

    The gallery is open from Monday to Friday 9:30 to 5.30m and other times by appointment.


    In addition to our Gallery and the Art Fairs we exhibit at, our website has become a valuable platform for clients to view and purchase select pieces.


    With our international reputation and experience, clients are comfortable purchasing items from the images and descriptions we provide; but should you need further information and a detailed report on any item, please contact the gallery.






  • A Rich Pedigree

    A Rich Pedigree


    Rolleston was founded by Marion Priestly Rolleston in 1955, with the firm trading under the name ‘The Antique Home’, and dealing in 18th Century English furniture. The Firm rapidly gained a reputation for being a dedicated and hard working business, only acquiring items for their authenticity, fine condition, design, and great colour and patina.


    With this ethos in place the company grew, and by the mid 70s had become well known within the Art & Antiques world, not just for the quality of their English Furniture, but also for their high level of trust and integrity. By the early 80s the company had began exhibiting at the Grosvenor House Art & Antiques fair, where the company played an integral part in the strict English antique furniture vetting committee. Here the company began to consolidate and expand its international clientele.


    Today Rolleston are a third generation of Antique Furniture and Works of Art Dealers, and while maintaining the core ethos that built the business remaining paramount; the company continues to work diligently to enhance its reputation and cultivate its international and domestic clients.


    We are very proud of our rich pedigree and look forward to continuing to share our passion and joy for the pieces we offer.




    We value the close professional relationships we have with our clients. The experience of collaborating to form a superior collection of eighteenth-century English furniture is a special one, and a great journey. We are passionate about our field and take great pleasure in carefully building iconic collections that last a lifetime, and can be passed down from generation to generation.


    At the heart of every home and collection is our clients’ personality and taste, and we help make sure that these individual qualities are at the centre of every collection. As a third-generation family firm with over 200 years of collective experience and expertise, superb service and attention to detail are of paramount importance to us.